The two primary types of marine heat exchanges used aboard vessels in the maritime industry are: plate or  “shell and tub”.

Plate-type marine heat exchangers are designed with sets of multiple parallel plates that are compressed to form the main cooler unit mostly used  for low pressure, low temperature applications (under 20 bar and 150 Celisius degree).
While Shell and tube heat exchangers consist of a tube bundle which is placed inside the larger shell that can come in single or double pass configuration

Regular maintenance of heat exchangers is important in order to maintain the heat exchanger’s maximum efficiency avoiding major damage  to engine or machinery  ,therefor Adriatic Marine Service LLC  is professionally prepare to maintain and overhaul all  your different type of cooling system  (heat exchanges, inter cooler and radiators) on board vessel like:

  • Lube Oil coolers

  • Jacket water cooling system
  • Sea Water cooling
  • Keel Coolers
  • air to liquid inter coolers
  • and many others…

Up to high standards chemical , mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning . Pressure testing ,Zinc anode changing and  covers coating with approxior-3 black paint.