Major Overhaul

In Major overhaul all TOP Overhaul jobs are included
With Piston extraction, including disconnection connecting rod, cleaning them in solution
and steam washing all dismantled parts.
Record for document submission and calibration of all piston pin and push roads

Checking cylinder liners, clean counter bore in block, liner buffering jacket area, measuring
collar and I.D. of liners and honing carry if calibration is under limitation
Removing Main bearings, upper and lower, for inspection.
Inspection of journal and crank pin carry and pin calibration record.
Removal of Fly wheel, gear cover, front cover and damper, changing front and rear shaft
Inspection gears, overhaul lube oil pump and cooler.
Inspection all pipes and fittings

All abnormal will be changed by new one
Standard tune engine (tappet valve clearance and injector timing) carry and restart engine  running till max M.C.R. providing calibration test and job completion report