Adriatic Marine Services L.L.C.
was established since 2005 at the Ajman Al-Juruf Industrial Area,
an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS-18001-2007 certified company.
The company objective is to cater to the requirements
of services in the marine, oil and gas sectors.
Since its start, the company has experienced tremendous
reputation by virtue of the superior services and selected
technical staff.
Company proved itself in various jobs such as: General overhauling
all kind of Diesel Engine regardless their size and propulsion,
Main Engine, Generator Engine,Pumps, Compressors, Purifiers,
deck machinery Anchor Windlass, Winches and Crane s.
Performing also offshore and aboard servicing (Kazakhstan, Lagos,
Oman, Kish, India and others). Our customers are Haliburton,
Saipem, I.G.M., Delta offshore, Al-Jazeera Shipping and many others.
Company management is of European experienced staff
formed by retired Marine CH/ENG a Computer & Software
engineering and a Bachelor of Economic science.
Our Workshop at Al-Juruf Industrial is well equipped, with a highly
qualified technician and mechanics for this puropse.
Company have a builded network of well selected subcontractors
taking cover of complete projects. With a long time, cooperation,
ensuring good prices and professional job (subcontractors such
as Trinity Machine Shop, Automech and others for steel work)
Chris Marine Trading R.A.K. Fze. Is our sister company providing
logistic support, marine surveyor, import required parts and a full
scale of financial and technical support.